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Three French Bullgod Puppies


Animals communicate through telepathy. We as humans rely on verbal communication so our telepathic skills that we are all born with become rusty from lack of use. You too have experienced this on some level.  Ever think of someone and then minutes later they call?  Think of a song and it plays on the radio? Yes, we all have telepathic experiences and can learn to use them too to communicate.    As an animal communicator, we can do it in person or long distance via photos, as everything is energy.  Like a psychic reading for a simple explanation.  


Animal Communicators work via pictures, feelings, words, thoughts and emotions. For living animals we scan scan their bodies to feel for pain, injuries or other things that bother them.  For example: When I first got started in this, a communicator scanned my dog and told me she had kidney took 6 months for the vet to discover she had beginning of kidney failure.


A session can also help to get to the bottom of a behavioral problem you are having with a pet - is something physically or emotionally bothering him/her?  Are they mirroring you and manifesting what you internally may be feeling?  More often than not, the owner is the root of the problem that they are acting out your feeling our fears.  An animal communicator can connect you with the animal to help you through an experience or situation to create harmony in your home, your family, your pack.   To insure we connect with the correct animal, we always ask for validation during each session i.e.: a favorite thing such as an activity, a toy, food, treat or even a dislike.  As everything is energy, we can also communicate with animals that crossed, as well as lost pets. The ultimate goal is to create harmony in your home!    

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