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           ONE-OF-A-KIND      CUSTOM MADE        



There is something whimsical and mystical about rainbows  

with all their dazzling colors. 

 They symbolize luck and hope, 

bringing a smile to all are lucky enough to view.  

And of course all our pets journey to the magical Rainbow Bridge 

where they are reborn again to become playful pups 

romping through the greenest grasses 

free of all that ailed them on earth 

while always keeping a watchful eye on their love ones.    


Inspired by my fur’babies

I decided to capture their memories in one-of-a-kind mementos

to cherish for eternity the tales & memories of our furry tailZ friends.  

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Each piece I create is unique, customized for you and your pet.   

It will be created to bring a smile to your face and joy in your heart when you look at it.

A memory bottle or creation to bring a lifetime of happy memories!

The following are pictures of some of our past projects.

Each is a special creation for that pet, 

but will give you a sense of what you can create for your fur’baby memory.   

You choose the style, color scheme supply the photos, 

and choose the add-ons (all subject to availability).

We discuss the overall memory you would like to achieve

......then I create!

The photos of previous creations are to be used as guidelines for shapes, sizes & ideas.

Once you choose what you like,

we can discuss how we can make your creation unique for your memories.

Anything we create is subject to supply availability at that moment in time

including bottle shape, add-ons, bling, colors, etc. 

There are no guarantees until you commission a creation what will be available. 

Once we know what is available,

we can discuss the specifics of what you would like to do for your memory 

within the scope of what I offer using the samples posted as a starting point.  

Want something different?   We can discuss that too!   

Keep in mind that your creation will be an artist rendition.  

There are no guarantees to the exact look of the completed project. 

It will be a combination of your input, as well as my creative intuition. 

My intuition will guide me to create something special for you- 

a memorable piece that will give you a lifetime of joy & happiness!

I have been creating lamps and other fun items for years.    

So at times, other items will be posted to purchase.  

If you are interested in a custom made, I can do that too. 

As a Certified Animal Communicator and Certified Angel Card Reader, 

I also offer readings or a reading/memory creation packages


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